About us

Dilip Sonigara Jewellers was started in 1969 as Dilipkumar & Co. by Panraj Pukhraj Sonigara as a small-time jewellery and utensils store. He started this business without any financial support and did odd jobs to make ends meet. The business slowly grew into a well-known enterprise in PCMC. In 1985 Dilip Sonigara along with his brothers, Jitendra, Pravin and Arvind, started a separate store to focus on the growing jewellery demand. This business grew and, in a few years, became one of the most popular stores in the region. Despite not having as large a collection as some of the other competing stores, they consistently managed to garner positive public response and growing sales because of their exceptional service. In 2001 the brothers separated and on 28th February 2001 Dilip Sonigara set out with the aim to become the best jewellery store in terms of design and service in PCMC. Since then, Dilip Sonigara Jewellers has grown into a multi-store jewellery brand with stores in surrounding areas. Even now the entire staff and management of the company is only focused of providing its customers with the best variety.